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  • Quick Smoky Eyes For The Holidays

    Temperatures have dropped, holiday decorations are on display, and Elvis Presley’s rendition of Blue Christmas plays in practically every store. We’re in the midst of the holiday season and as you conquer the hustle and bustle of crowds for last minute gifts and holiday preparations, what if you run out of time to get yourself ready on the day you’re receiving guests? It could easily happen!

    Don’t worry, we’ve put together a 5-step soft smoky eye look you can easily do and not have anyone be the wiser of how quickly you got ready. This look will compliment any eye colour and outfit because it’s timeless and universally flattering. 

    Step One: Prepare your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer or a quick swipe of concealer. Priming your eyelids beforehand will increase the staying power of your eyeshadow.

    Step Two: If you prefer to not use black (although the MarieNatie loose mineral eyeshadow in Noir is a pretty soft black with subtle shimmer), try the loose mineral eyeshadow in Chocolate, a shimmery copper brown.

    Empty some of the eyeshadow into the underside of the cap and take a flat compact eyeshadow brush and damp it slightly. Applying the loose mineral eyeshadow wet will ensure an intense colour payoff and a quick application. Dip the brush gently into the loose eyeshadow and pat the colour all over your eyelid making sure to avoid harsh lines, which is key to a smoky eye. To soften harsh lines, use your finger or a blending brush to blend outwards into your crease. Tip: If you would like a deeper colour, add another layer of eyeshadow.

    Step Three: Use the same brush (if it has a tapered point) or use a smudge brush, pick up a small amount of eyeshadow that remains in the lid and gently drag the brush under your bottom lashes.

    Step Four: Apply a thin line of eyeliner or a thicker line (it’s as you prefer) with the MarieNatie gel liner in black by using an angled eyeliner brush (or your preferred eyeliner brush). Line your waterline and tightline with the MarieNatie eyeliner pencil in black to intensify the look and define your eyes even more.

    Step Five: To finish the look, use an eyelash curler before applying the MarieNatie Perfect Lash mascara in black on your top and bottom lashes. Tip: Add a set of false lashes for extra fullness and length.

    Your guests will never know how quickly you put this polished and glamorous look together.

    Happy holidays from everyone at MarieNatie!


    Guest author Natacha Cole is a former professional makeup artist and an advocate of cruelty-free cosmetics. 

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